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Many people, like yourself are running around with great ideas in their head, but lack the courage to leave their comfortable job, and bring these ideas into reality. Some, may have the courage, but have no idea where to start from. Dreams Creator was founded to bring these ideas to life!

Dreams Creator is not a venture capital. We come BEFORE the venture capital or first investment. We are the ones to turn to when you are still dreaming.

Not all ideas are "VC-able" (will be financed by Venture Capitals), however, some have good business potential and are worth a try. Dreams Creator has the business expertise to evaluate such ideas quickly, and if they seem profitable, we can help build a "project team" which will carry out the idea into reality. In most cases, we will focus on ideas that require minimal investment at early stage, and have potential business in the short term.

Dreams Creator was founded by high-tech veterans, with vast experience both in marketing and technology. We have been in several startups, and know the process of taking an idea and making it a business. We invite people with great ideas to contact us and if we like their ideas, we will partner with them and help them turn it into reality!

In this phase, Dreams Creator is a small startup on it's own. Therefore, we are limited in the ability to dedicate the full efforts required to turn every good idea we see into reality. Therefore, it may happen, that we may decide not "take it on" for the time being even if we think your idea is worthwhile. In such cases, you may be offered consulting services by relevant members of our team in order to put you on the right track!

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